1st Million is about winning, achieving and becoming financially successful – a goal that people want to achieve in life.



By making a million pounds and becoming a millionaire, people feel ‘justly rewarded’ for all the hard work that they put in. There is a real deep ‘sense of satisfaction’ in being able to enjoy the ‘fruits of your own hard work’ .

Having a great lifestyle, experiencing all the ‘good things‘ that life has to offer and having financial security for yourself and your loved ones is truly a goal worth setting, pursing and achieving.

It is a simple undeniable fact that, we have to pay for the things we need/want in life – food, drink, clothes, water, water, gas, electricity, rent, travel , cars, petrol, holidays, insurances, taxes, and even when we die, our burial or cremation. We need to ‘pay’ for everything we need and use.

We pay for all these things with money. Therefore, it is simple: we need money to live well. The amount of money we make/earn/have and can therefore, ‘spend‘ will determine the quality of our lives.







1st Million Club is a powerful way for private individuals to directly and quickly access all the strategies, tools, techniques and methods that they will need to become a millionaire without wasting any time, effort or money.






Most people, when they reflect on how they feel about themselves, their lives and the results they have achieved in life so far, typically feel that they have a bigger, greater, better version of themselves ‘trapped/stuck‘ inside themselves.

Unfortunately, this ‘you’ thats trapped inside typically makes you feel frustrated, confused, doubtful, fearful and anxious. These feelings lower self confidence, self esteem and self worth which results in a feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness.

The challenge is to break out and break free. We educate and empower people on how to break free and then we establish them onto the path of making their first million.

Our track record for doing this is enviable. In the last group of people we worked with; one made 6 million in 2 years, another made £2 million in 2 years, another made £1 million in one year, another ‘saved’ £2 million and  another saved £500,000. We are now ready to start working with our next group of people.




Financial success: making your 1st Million is about clarity, calmness and collaboration. It is about ensuring  that you have access to all the things that you need to win big.  This collaboration is based upon a principle known as ‘co-solutioning‘.







The reasons why people choose to join the 1st Million Club is simple:

Firstly, we promise real results without any ‘expensive’ training courses/programs, any big hyped-up motivation pitches or any emotional/sales pressure tactics whatsoever. No fanciful tricks, gimmicks or shortcuts – just simply what works.

Secondly, we know that financial success is about following a simple but solid step by step plan, powered by your internal clarity and guided by expert professionals, who are truly dedicated to working with you to making your first million.

Thirdly, we are unique in that we have a small monthly fee, but which still gives you all the high quality expert training, development and resources that you would typically only get when you buy ‘expensive’ programs, trainings and courses worth thousands and thousands of pounds – monies that most people just do not have ‘spare’ to invest.


Our aim is to ‘totally disrupt‘ and change the training and development market.


Our goal is to end the monopoly of knowledge and resources and thus ‘end the need‘ for people to have to pay for expensive and often totally ineffective courses. It is time for change.

We believe that people are smart and motivated. They just need the right resources and expert guidance in order to make their 1st Million. We are determined to make this available for all people that want it.



Unlike other trainings courses, programs or clubs, the 1st Million Club has four unique and distinct advantages:

1.   Quantum Reset System        This will erase your past fears and doubts and all your future worries and anxieties.

2.   The Expert Position                This will identify the exact expertise that you have and that clients are looking for.

3.   1 Click Focus                            This will allow you to energise, ‘lock on’ and drive forward and achieve every day.

4.   Expert Power Team               We have 20 experts who will give you the knowledge, skills and support to win big.

5.  Global Membership                Members from all over the world can access the benefits of the club via the internet.





The first step is to build a foundation for your future financial success. That foundation is a strong and unshakeable belief that your 1st Million is totally achievable.

As an opportunity to directly experience our expertise in getting results, we are pleased to offer you a free 30 minute ‘Foundation Session‘, in which we will establish for you a ‘rock solid‘ belief in achieving your 1st Million.

Please register to let us know how you prefer to receive your 1st Million Foundation Session : by telephone, Skype or with a face to face meeting.

To your financial success… lets make it happen.







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